About Us

Kaicell Electronics Pvt. Ltd., part of Kaicell Holdings Limited, United Kingdom, is a technology company based in Delhi- NCR Region, India , and its innovative start-up Kaicell.com – India’s latest Omni-Channel Gadget Retail Concept, that offers a new way of shopping for electronics and the ultimate in customer experience and shopping convenience!

Today Customers want everything ! They want the advantages of online, such as broad selection, rich product information, customer reviews and social media trending tips! They want the advantages of physical stores too, such as personal service and the ability to touch & try products and get that experience of mall hopping & shopping . Their goal is to get that perfect integration of the digital and the physical worlds of shopping.

Kaicell.com aims to fulfil this niche market by combining the convenience of online shopping with the quick & reliable service and personalized experience of a community electronics shop , via its network of Service Agents and Customer Care Centers. It sells the world’s top brands of smartphones, computers, tablets, wearable devices , accessories and specializes in repairs and troubleshooting of gadgets.

We remain committed to quality, innovation and customer service, while striving to be a leader in the industry.

At Kaicell , we continue to foster and create an enterprise that creates jobs for our friends, families, communities and franchisees.